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Front Matter Loaders

This API allows you or a third-party gem to augment resources with new types of front matter. To do so, create a new class inheriting from Bridgetown::FrontMatter::Loaders::Base that defines an override of the #read method, then register it using Bridgetown::FrontMatter::Loaders.register.

Typically, loaders define two constants by convention:

  1. HEADER matches the opening line of the front matter
  2. BLOCK matches the contents of the front matter block with the first capturing group being the content and the regular expression consuming the ending delimiter

The #read method returns a nullable Bridgetown::FrontMatter::Loaders::Result with these three attributes:

  1. content - the content of the resource without the front matter
  2. front_matter - the front matter hash after processing the front matter content
  3. line_count - the number of lines making up the front matter content

Limitations #

Currently, front matter loaders process the contents of resources in First-In, First-Out (FIFO) order meaning the built-in loaders take precedence over any new ones.

This means that loaders should not have overlapping delimiter definitions. Because Bridgetown is flexible in its delimiters — e.g. the YAML loader accepts triple- hyphens, tildes, backticks, or pounds for its code blocks — you must take care when picking delimiters so that multiple loaders do not overlap definitions.

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