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Installation Guides

Bridgetown is software written in Ruby, a friendly programming language that maximizes programmer happiness and makes it easy to build and customize open source projects. You will need to install Bridgetown as a Gem after you set up your Ruby language environment. You will also need to install Node to manage your website’s frontend assets.

For a quick summary of how to install Bridgetown, read Getting Started. What follows are more in-depth guides to setting up your developer or server environments.

Requirements #

If you don’t have some or all of these tools, our setup guides for macOS, Ubuntu Linux, and Ubuntu for Windows will help you install them.

  • GCC and Make (which you can check by running gcc -v,g++ -v and make -v).

  • Ruby version 3.1 or above (ruby version can be checked by running ruby -v)

  • Node version 20 or above (which you can check by running node -v)

Guides #

For detailed installation instructions, take a look at the guide for your operating system:

Upgrading? #

We now have an official upgrade guide for migrating your Bridgetown v0.2x website to v1.0.

Bundled Configurations